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       Our factory land the Yangtse Rive delta, locate in the Wuxi north suburb widely known as a land flowing with milk and honey.

        We have the capability to produce various specifications tubular stranding machine. These products extensive service in little section copper stranded wire,aluminum stranded wire and the steel etc.production field of skeining thread,also use convenience, performance reliable, kind much shape and multiple choice,accord with your perfectly satisfactory requirement.range of products have the 6GJ/120GJ-100 models、6GJ/12GJ/18GJ-150 models、6GJ/12GJ/18GJ/30GJ/36GJ-200 models and 6GJ/12GJ-250 moedls etc.tubular stranding the same time my factory still produce the various vehicles of water tank.

        We stricly observe the enterprise spirit that strict innovation consistently, faithfully carry out the duty.serve customer with the principle of satisfaction、benefit and sincerity in,welcome domestic and international customer to our's to negotiate business.

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